About Us


Creating happiness is at the core of everything we do. At FEAST, we believe that good food puts people in a good mood, which helps to create happy memories

FEAST was founded by Tony Cheng in 2016 because he wanted his family and friends to enjoy the most delicious Turkey during Christmas. The year before, Tony ordered a turkey to celebrate Christmas eve with his family but when it arrived, it was cold and dry and his children hated it. His two year old son was crying and refusing to eat the turkey, his family was not full or dissatisfied and was very disappointed. Tony was determined that this was not to happen to himself and other families so he established FEAST

Our mission: To elevate dining experience and serve the most delicious food we can. We want to help our customers create as many happy memories as possible.

So why choose FEAST?

  • Because we are a Catering Specialist that focuses on customer satisfaction. See our Customer Testimonials
  • Because FEAST is managed by Drawing Room Concepts and run by our team of highly experienced chefs.>
  • Our 5000 square feet professional kitchen was specifically designed to ensure the highest level of food quality and hygiene.
  • We only source traceable, certified and high quality ingredients from the leading food suppliers to ensure food safety.

Food Factory Licence: