US CAB Beef Tomahawk STEAK (Frozen) ~1.2kg


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  • Cut: upper rib
  • Weight: 1.2kg
  • Texture: thick but tender
  • Taste: rich in fat, strong beef flavour
  • Defrost: suggest to defrost in a refrigerator at below 4℃ for 24hrs before use
  • Suggested cooking method: grill / BBQ (doneness: medium)


USDA CAB Tomahawk is a type of bone-in rib-eye steak that uses American-style steak cutting method to cut the beef ribs into an axe shape. One cattle only has around 9-10 pieces of Tomahawk.

Beef bone not only insulates the beef and prevents the beef from overcooked, the bone marrow and fat also enhance the beef flavour; the collagen between the bones can keep the meat moist and soft; the large beef bone helps to fix the shape of the steak, so that the meat juice can be kept during cooking, and the flavor will be stronger and more concentrated.

CAB (Certified Angus Beef) is a top graded certified Angus beef. The meat is detailed and tender with a rich beef flavour. It is recognized as the most tender and succulent beef.