Thai Home Chef Kit (4 Authentic Thai Dishes)


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Surprise your family and friends with convenient home-cooking Thai cuisines. This magic Home Chef Kit comes with 4 perfectly portioned fresh ingredients boxes and easy-to-follow recipes for 4 authentic Thai dishes for 2-3 persons - Tom Yum Kung, Green Curry Chicken, Morning Glory and Phad Thai. 

BOX 1: Tom Yum Kung Home Chef Kit, includes:
A. Tiger Prawns
B. Straw Mushroom
C. Tom Yum Broth
D. Coriander & Bird’s Eye Chilli
E. Lemongrass, Kaffir, Lime Leaves & Galangal
F. Evaporated Milk
G. Chilli Paste
H. Thai Parsley

BOX 2: Green Curry Chicken Home Chef Kit, includes:
Ingredients Included In The Kit (consume within 2 days)
A. Diced Chicken Cubes
B. Green Curry Sauce
C. Thai Eggplant, Pea Aubergine, Kaffir Lime Leaves & Red Chilli
D. Sweet Basil Leaves

BOX 3: Morning Glory Home Chef Kit, includes:
A. Water Spinach
B. Garlic & Bird’s Eye Chilli
C. Soya Bean Sauce
D. Soya Sauce
E. Crispy Garlic

BOX 4: Phad Thai Home Chef Kit, includes:
A. Rice Noodles
B. Peeled Tiger Prawns
C. Phad Thai Sauce
D. Dried Shrimps
E. Minced Salted Turnip
F. Lime
G. Chives for Garnishing
H. Chilli Flakes I. Sugar
J. Chopped Peanuts
K. Sliced Yellow Bean Curd
L. Sliced Shallots
M. Chives & Bean Sprouts

Consume within 2 days