M9 Wagyu Beef Poon Choi (For 4-6 Persons)


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Ingredients: 18 types, including Australian Stone Axe M9 Full-Blood Wagyu beef shank (~130g), US SRF Black Label Wagyu beef rib (~80g), Australian Westholme M5 oxtail (~185g) and beef cheek (~60g), beef tendon, beef ball, beef tripe, crab roe “lucky bag”, yam fish strip, tofu skin, celtuce, shiitake mushroom, beancurd sheet, wheat gluten, water chestnut, radish, lotus root and taro; with sukiyaki sauce 1500ml; comes with 6 cutlery sets

Reheat instruction: this poon choi is frozen and served in stainless steel pot as shown in the photo. You can heat it directly on the cooking stove or induction cooker. Please reheat the poon choi for 30-45 minutes before use. Please steam the add-on king crab for additional 10 minutes before use (if applicable).

Beef lovers must not miss our "M9 Wagyu Beef Poon Choi". Sweeping top honours at the 2021 Australia Wagyu Branded Beef Competition, Australian Stone Axe M9 Full-Blood Wagyu is a unique, top-quality beef with exquisite marbling and melt-in-your-mouth juiciness. Another must-try is the decadent US Snake River Farms (SRF) Black Grade beef, bred from Japanese Wagyu and US premium Angus black cattle. Combining the best of both worlds with the smoothness of Japanese Wagyu and the richness of US Angus, SRF beef boasts superior quality in terms of sweetness, succulence and tenderness. Last but not least, don’t miss the Australian Westholme M5 Wagyu beef, a veal crossbred from Japanese Wagyu and Angus cattle and known for its buttery and beefy taste. The different cuts of meat are first seasoned overnight and slow-cooked separately for 2 hours until the tastes are well-infused, giving the poon choi a rich, lingering flavor.

If you need extra cutlery, you may purchase "Cutlery Set" on our website

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