Christmas Turkey & Prime Rib Roast Special Combo


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Christmas Turkey & Prime Rib Roast Special Combo
- Roasted Stuffed Turkey with Mixed Roasted Vegetables ~1pc/5kg
- Prime Rib Roast with Mixed Roasted Vegetables (medium) ~3kg/3-4 bones
- Homemade turkey gravy & beef gravy
- Organic cranberry sauce

If you need extra cutlery, you may purchase "Biodegradable Cutlery Set" on our website

Roasted Stuffed Turkey - Celebrate any festival with a mouth-watering 4.5kg US turkey, marinated overnight with lemon, thyme, coriander and other herbs. With stuffing made from bacon, chestnut and onion, the juicy turkey meat—its skin roasted to golden perfection—is best enjoyed with gravy and cranberry sauce. Simply one truly impressive turkey from FEAST will surely surprise and delight your party guests, creating the ultimate turkey catering experience for any party or festive celebration!

Roasted Prime Rib (medium) - With a moderate lean-to-fat ratio, the 3kg 120-day grain-fed Canadian beef ribs is the star of this catering set. Marinated first with herbs and mustard, the beef is seared and the flavours locked in before roasting. The beef can be paired with gravy to bring out the fragrance of the tender meat.


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