Double Joy Combo: Smoked Salmon Lo Hei + Poached Chicken


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Double Joy Combo includes:
- Lo Hei ~3lbs
- Poached Chicken 1pc ~3lbs

Lo Hei flavour options:
1. Sesame Chicken Lo Hei
Comes in a fresh line-up of low-calorie Hainan chicken, fresh greens such as lettuce, black fungus, purple cabbage, tofu, Chinese salad and glass noodles, with the secret sesame dressing to add the flavor.

2. Smoked Salmon Lo Hei
Comprises a vibrant mix of Norwegian smoked salmon and fresh seasonal greens including pomelo, purple cabbage, cucumber, lettuce, as well as significant condiments such as 5 pickles, red ginger, crispy taro and crisps. Enrich the flavor with our chef's homemade citrus and pear dressing.

**All Chinese New Year gourmet are available for preorder from 3 Jan 2022**
**All CNY pudding are available for delivery or restaurant pick up (TST) between 17 Jan - 15 Feb 2022**