CNY Pudding Combo


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- CNY pudding ~1.5lb/pc
- Loose tea leaf ~150g

CNY Pudding:
1. Handcrafted Pandan Rice Cake (keep refrigerated, consume in 2 months)
A modern twists for pudding lovers, this handcrafted pandan-infused chewy rice cake is particularly aromatic and slightly sweet. Enjoy it with the crunchy peanut candies and shredded coconut that allow you to create your favourite flavour.

2. Handcrafted Black Truffle Turnip Cake (keep refrigerated, consume in 1 month)
Treat your taste buds to our handcrafted fusion puddings Black Truffle Turnip Cake. This cake has a strong black truffle aroma with juicy radish and rich-tasting cured meat.

Lychee Red Tea
This fragrant Lychee Red Tea is balanced and has a fruity flavour, perfectly pairs with CNY puddings.

**All Chinese New Year gourmet are available for preorder from 3 Jan 2022**
**All CNY pudding are available for delivery or restaurant pick up (TST) between 17 Jan - 15 Feb 2022**