[Junk Boat Party] Singaporean & Malaysian Catering Set (For 25-30 Persons)


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[Junk Boat Party] Singaporean & Malaysian Catering Set (For 25-30 Persons)
- Tender Hainan Chicken (Boneless) ~2 whole chicken
- Stuffed Seafood You Tiao ~30pcs
- Lemongrass Honey Chicken Wings ~30pcs
- Crispy Pork Neck with Fermented Tofu ~2.5lbs
- Satay Chicken Skewers ~15pcs
- Satay Pork Skewers ~15pcs
- Yellow Curry Beef Ribs ~30pcs
- Golden Shrimp Puffs ~30pcs
- Five-Spice Chicken Rolls ~30pcs
- Sesame Chicken Rainbow Salad ~7.2lbs
- Burdock & Wooden Ear Fungus Salad ~1lb
- Turnip Cake with Sambal Sweet Soy Sauces* ~2lbs
- Sautéed Pak Choy ~4lbs
- Nasi Goreng* ~3lbs
- Jasmine Rice ~2lbs
- Pandan Chiffon Cake ~2pcs
*Non-spicy available

** Free cutlery sets: 30 sets
If you need extra cutlery, you may purchase "Cutlery Set" on our website

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** "Junk Boat Party" catering & drinks packages are available for delivery from 8:30am-9:00pm daily.