Australian Wagyu M5 Rib Eye STEAK (Frozen) ~300g (11oz)


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  • Cut: rib eye
  • Weight: 300 grams (11oz), 1 inch thick per piece
  • Texture: tender and juicy, melt with every bite
  • Taste: rich in fat, strong beef flavour
  • Defrost: suggest to defrost in a refrigerator at below 4℃ for 24hrs before use
  • Suggested cooking method: pan-fry / grill / teppanyaki / BBQ (doneness: medium rare - medium)


This Australian Wagyu is pasture-raised in Australia with native grasses and are grain-fed to produce rich marbling, complexity, and depth of flavour. With Wagyu beef, the higher the grade, the more marbling the meat has, and the softer, richer it becomes - the scale goes from 1 to 12. At Marble Score 5, Wagyu has moderate marbling. Australian Waygu M5 Rib Eye is a bold, flavorful steak that is also decadently rich and melt-in-your-mouth buttery.