Wagyu Beef Poon Choi (For 8-10 Persons)


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Wagyu Beef Poon Choi (For 8-10 Persons)
18 types of ingredients, including US SRF Black Label wagyu beef rib (~160g), Australian Westholme M7 wagyu brisket (~450g), M5 wagyu beef shank (~260g) & M5 wagyu oxtail (~370g), beef tendon, beef tripe, beef omasum, 100% beef ball, crab roe “lucky bag”, yam fish strip, tofu skin, shiitake mushroom, beancurd sheet, wheat gluten, water chestnut, radish, lotus root and taro; with sukiyaki sauce 2250ml; comes with 10 cutlery sets.

Reheat Instruction: This poon choi is served in stainless steel pot as shown in the photo. Please reheat it directly on cooking stove or induction cooker for 30-45 minutes before use.

If you need extra cutlery, you may purchase "Cutlery Set" on our website

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