Wagyu Beef Poon Choi (For 4-6 Persons)


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Wagyu Beef Poon Choi (For 4-6 Persons)
18 types of ingredients, including US SRF Black Label wagyu beef rib (~80g), Australian Westholme M7 wagyu brisket (~300g), M5 wagyu beef shank (~130g) & M5 wagyu oxtail (~185g), beef tendon, beef tripe, beef omasum, 100% beef ball, crab roe “lucky bag”, yam fish strip, tofu skin, shiitake mushroom, beancurd sheet, wheat gluten, water chestnut, radish, lotus root and taro; with sukiyaki sauce 1500ml; comes with 6 cutlery sets.

Availability: This poon choi is available all year round (ingredients may change over time, please refer to the product description at the time of purchase).

Reheat Instruction: This poon choi is served in stainless steel pot as shown in the photo. Please follow the instructions on the package and reheat it directly on cooking stove or induction cooker for 30-45 minutes before use.

If you need extra cutlery, you may purchase "Cutlery Set" on our website

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