Wagyu Beef Poon Choi (For 4-6 Persons)


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Wagyu Beef Poon Choi (For 4-6 Persons)
- US SRF Black Label wagyu beef rib, Australian Westholme M7 wagyu brisket, M5 wagyu oxtail, M5 wagyu beef shank, beef ball, beef tendon, beef tripe, beef omasum, crab roe “lucky bag”, yam fish strip, tofu skin, shiitake mushroom, beancurd sheet, wheat gluten, water chestnut, radish, lotus root & taro; with sukiyaki sauce
- Biodegradable cutlery: 6 sets (If you need extra cutlery, you may purchase "Biodegradable Cutlery Set" on our website)

Poon choi availability: all year round

Must be self-heated before consumption:
1. Poon Choi is served in a stainless steel pot, which can be placed directly on the cooking stove or induction cooker
2. Pour half of the sauce according to the instructions into the poon choi
3. After it boils, add the other half of the sauce
4. Heat for around 30-45 minutes, ready to serve

** Ingredients may be changed due to seasonality or availability

** Photos are for reference only