Canada AAA Bone In Prime Rib STEAK (Frozen) ~700g


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  • Cut: rib
  • Weight: 700 grams (24.5 oz), 1.5 inch thick per piece 
  • Texture: thick but tender
  • Taste: rich in fat, strong beef flavour
  • Defrost: suggest to defrost in a refrigerator at below 4℃ for 24hrs before use
  • Suggested cooking method: pan-fry / grill / teppanyaki / BBQ (doneness: medium rare - medium)

Canada AAA Bone In Prime Rib Steak has moderate marble, which gives the beef more aroma and a richer taste. Beef bone not only insulates the beef and prevents the beef from overcooked, the bone marrow and fat also enhance the beef flavour; the collagen between the bones can keep the meat moist and soft; the beef bone helps to fix the shape of the steak, so that the meat juice can be kept during cooking, and the flavor will be stronger and more concentrated.