Roasted Stuffed Turkey with Mixed Roasted Vegetables (with turkey gravy & cranberry sauce) ~1pc/4.5kg


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Roasted Stuffed Turkey with Mixed Roasted Vegetables
- Turkey ~1pc / 4.5kg
- Stuffing: bacon, chestnut & onion 
- Homemade turkey gravy
- Organic cranberry sauce
- Serves 8-10 persons

Extra-juicy, Tender Roasted Stuffed Turkey

No feast is complete without the main centrepiece. Our cooking mastery for sure impresses your guests by serving a mouth-watering roasted turkey on your dining table. For our turkey catering, the crown jewel is our scrumptious 4.5kg US turkey! Who can resist the temptation of this juicy, tender turkey meat that is cooked exceptionally until golden?

Marinated overnight with lemon, thyme, coriander, and other herbs, our roasted turkey will tug at your heartstrings even with one tiny bite, while the fresh, meaty, palatable aroma of the turkey will linger in the air and continue tantalizing your tastebuds. Finger-licking, isn’t it? 

With stuffing made from bacon, chestnut and onion, the roasted stuffed turkey is best enjoyed with gravy and cranberry sauce. Simply one truly impressive turkey from FEAST will surely surprise and delight your party guests, creating the ultimate turkey catering experience for any party or festive celebration!

Turkey Catering For All Occasions

Any festive seasons such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, feasts, celebrations, and parties where the roasted stuffed turkey can add tumultuous joy.

Turkey Catering Beverages

Roasted stuffed turkey goes well with our exclusive selection of refreshing, housemade, cold brew fruit tea and sparkling drinks! Order an unforgettable meal from FEAST now!

Let’s admit it — nobody wants to break a sweat to stuff and cook a turkey to golden perfection for parties. FEAST takes the weight off your shoulders by providing cooked and ready-to-eat roasted stuffed turkey for a perfect party celebration. Order from FEAST today! 

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