Chinese New Year

FEAST presents a variety of festive gourmet for Chinese New Year:

  1. Poon Choi - Hot pick "Abalone & Fish Maw Poon Choi" and Japanese fusion "M9 Wagyu Beef Poon Choi". You may also add the rich-tasting king crab for a delicious finishing touch to the exquisite feast. 
  2. Chinese Catering - Include auspicious signature dish "Crispy Roast Suckling Pig", exquisite “Fish Maw and Chicken Soup” and many more. You may order our catering sets for 4-16 persons, or mix and match your perfect meal from our a la carte menu.
  3. Lo Hei - FEAST’s Chinese New Year auspicious prosperity toss – Lo Hei, includes over 10 colorful ingredients symbolizing different blessings.
  4. CNY Pudding - FEAST's handcrafted fusion Chinese New Year puddings - Pandan Rice Cake and Black Truffle Turnip Cake are back for this lunar year! 

**All Chinese New Year gourmet are available for preorder from 3 Jan 2022**
**All CNY pudding are available for delivery or restaurant pick up (TST) between 17 Jan - 15 Feb 2022 only**

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