Western Catering

Throwing a party and need scrumptious Western catering? Well, you’ve come to the right place because here at FEAST we are experts in creating some of the most renowned and enjoyed dishes the Western culinary world has to offer. We know how good our Western catering is, and guarantee it will be the life of your party!

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Turkey and Prime Rib – Need We Say More?

Gather your family and friends together to celebrate with FEAST’s popular Western Catering to elevate your home party experience! Take your pick from the likes of tender roasted stuffed turkey, roasted prime rib, German pork knuckle, and much, much more! 

Order one of FEAST’s Western Catering Sets online for easy convenience, or create your own dream menu from the à la carte options. Free delivery to your doorstep for all orders over HK$800.

Please note that all cuisines and menus prepared by FEAST may change by season or chef recommendation. 

Savoury Ingredients

FEAST only uses the finest of ingredients when preparing our Western catering sets. We don’t take any shortcuts and cook everything the way it’s supposed to be done. Whether it’s our turkeys or prime rib, the ingredients used are fabulous, fresh, and flavourful. 

Every Event is a Feast

Whether it’s a fun get together with family and friends or Thanksgiving or Christmas, we provide gold standard Western catering that abides by the meaning of a hearty meal. Don’t miss out on our exquisite turkey centrepiece, which we deliver right to your doorstep. Remember, whenever you use our services, we turn a simple meal into a feast! 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the signature dishes of FEAST’s Western catering?

Where do we start? Our turkeys are the crown jewel of our Western catering menu and can be delivered directly to you. Be sure to also try our roasted prime rib and German pork knuckle as they absolutely embody the spirit of Western cuisine. 

2. Are there any delivery charges?

Any orders that are HK$800 or above, it will be delivered to you for free. However, for orders under HK$800, there will be a HK$180 delivery charge.

3. Do I have to order in advance?

Please place your order online for our Western catering and turkey.  

4. Is FEAST able to cater to all types of events?

Absolutely! Whether it’s a birthday, family gathering, or a special holiday like Thanksgiving or Christmas, FEAST delivers the ultimate Western catering experience. Whether it’s turkey, prime rib, or German pork knuckle, we prepare your feast to perfection!






消費滿淨價$800即享免費送貨;$ 800以下的訂單則需收取$ 180運費。



豐食FEAST 能滿足所有類型的活動嗎?

無論是生日、家庭聚會、感恩節、聖誕節,還是復活節,豐食FEAST 都會為你提供最頂級的西式到會餐飲體驗,讓你能在派對中一次過品嚐火雞、燒牛肉、德國鹹豬手等多款西式美食。立即下單,讓我們為你準備一場完美的盛宴!