Junk Boat Catering Set

Ignite your party vibes with FEAST's junk boat catering sets! Select from Southeast Asian sensation at the sea, or a collection of multinational party finger food that is good for sharing! Pair with our summer special drinks or sparkling wine for an ultimate relaxing dining experience! Order our junk boat party catering food online now! Free Hong Kong delivery for all set menus for 4-40 persons!

**Deliver from 8:30am-8:00pm daily
**Additional charge of $120 for delivery-to-boat
**For enquiry / special requests, please send us the details on WhatsApp 5627 3120.

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A Fully Customizable Menu

With up to 16 Southeast Asian dishes and a scrumptious range of Western cuisine constituting our catering for junk parties and boat trips, FEAST offers you an incredible array of choices when choosing from the different sets we have. What makes us stand out from the crowd is the fact that we give you the power to fully customize our menu! Choose the dishes you feel will be a hit during your event and tailor the menu to fit the number of guests that will need to be catered for on your junk party or boat trip. FEAST is capable of preparing food for as few as 4 people or all the way up to 30, so don’t be afraid of rocking the boat if you have any special requests or want to add your own touch to our catering sets.

Order junk boat party catering sets online for delivery at your selected date and time, and we will deliver it for free to the pier!

Please note that all cuisines and menus prepared by FEAST may change by season or chef recommendation. 

** "Junk Boat Party Sets" delivery from 8:30am - 9pm daily. For enquires / special requests, please send us the details on WhatsApp 5627 3120. **

Flavorful Ingredients

Only the finest ingredients will suffice at FEAST. Fresh ingredients are essential for proper Southeast Asian and Western catering, and this is something we take pleasure in. Our devotion to utiltising top-tier ingredients will be reflected when your junk boat party guests can’t keep their hands off the catering options we have prepared.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it necessary to place an order in advance?

Please place your order online for our junk party and boat trip catering.  

2. What is included in FEAST’s catering for junk boat parties?

Our Southeast Asian junk boat catering menu includes mouth-watering delicacies from Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. We also have a delectable range of Western cuisine available to give our customers the utmost in choice and liven up any junk party or boat trip in Hong Kong!

3. How many junk boat party guests can FEAST cater for?

We are incredibly adaptable! Essentially, we can provide catering for as few as 4 people and as many as 30. Just let us know the number of guests and we’ll handle the rest!

4. What time does FEAST deliver catering for junk parties and boat trips?

We deliver catering between 8:30am and 8pm every day. If you have any special requests you wish to tell us about, please contact us on WhatsApp at 5627 3120.






豐食FEAST 可以提供多少人的船河到會食物?

我們提供 8-40人的船河到會套餐,您亦可在單點菜單中添加其他美食。只需告訴我們客人的數量,剩下的就交給我們處理吧!

豐食FEAST 船P到會套餐的送餐時間是什麼?

我們於每日早上 8 點 30 分到晚上 8 點提供船P到會送餐服務。如您有任何特殊要求,歡迎 WhatsApp 5627 3120 與我們聯繫。