Chinese Catering Set (For 8-10 Persons)


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Chinese Catering Set (For 8-10 Persons)
- Shredded Chicken & Cold Noodles with Sesame Sauce ~1lb
- Drunken Chicken Roll ~1.5lbs
- Crispy Pork Neck with Poached Pear & Vinegar ~1.5lb
- Poached Chicken with Sand Ginger & Scallion ~1pc/3lbs
- Braised SRF Wagyu Beef Rib Finger with Chestnut ~1.5lb
- Braised Fish Maw with Shiitake Mushrooms ~1.5lb
- Minced Prawn in Hairy Melon Rings with Crab Meat ~1.5lb
- Fried Rice with Conpoy, Cured Ham & BBQ Pork ~4lbs
- Papaya with Snow Fungus & Peach Gum Sweet Soup ~8-10 persons
- Biodegradable cutlery: 10 sets (If you need extra cutlery, you may purchase "Biodegradable Cutlery Set" on our website)

Catering set availability: all year round

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