[Mid-Autumn] Chinese Catering Set

FEAST presents 3 limited time Mid-Autumn Chinese Catering Sets for Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations. The sets come in customizable portions catering 6-18 persons at your choice. Suitable for family home reunion or a banquet for relatives and friends.

Start with our signature dish Crispy Roast Whole Suckling Pig to ignite the festive vibes. Try the mouthwatering and extravagant Braised Fish Maw with Shiitake Mushrooms, Fried Shrimp with Asparagus & Sweet Beans, Crispy Pork Neck with Poached Pear & Vinegar, and Poached Chicken with Sand Ginger & Scallion. Finish off with Papaya with Peach Gum, Sea Coconut & Snow Fungus Sweet Soup for a perfect ending.

Order FEAST's Mid-Autumn Chinese catering now. Enjoy free delivery for any online order over $1200 net value!

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菜色選擇 Cuisine

到會套餐 Catering Set


Prepared with the freshest and finest ingredients, our professional chef team brings restaurant-quality food to your party occassion! From exquisite appetisers to luscious main courses & tantalising desserts, FEAST's catering set menu boasts a sumptuous spread ranging from authentic Thai and Southeast Asian dishes, Chinese delicacies, Japanese BBQ and eclectic western flavours!


Whether it is corporate catering, family and friends gathering or festive and birthday celebrations, you can mix and match your own catering set from FEAST's crowd-pleasing a la carte menu. Check out our menu and set sail for a memorable FEAST! Customizations are also available on request!