A Foodie’s Guide to The Best Poon Choi for CNY 2022

FEAST Catering

Layered with tasty meat, seafood, and vegetables that are considered auspicious in Chinese culture, a hefty pot of Poon Choi is both a symbol of the abundance and prosperity that is celebrated during Chinese New Year, and the most honourable way to treat your guests.

For all you foodies out there searching for the best Poon Choi takeaway in Hong Kong to celebrate the year of the tiger, look no further. By combining traditional ingredients with modern delicacies, Feast’s two brand-new Poon Choi sets for 2022 will light up your family union and help you celebrate an ancient holiday with modern flavours.

Brand New Poon Choi Sets for CNY 2022

1. Abalone and Fish Maw Poon Choi

You can never go wrong with a classy and prestigious Abalone and Fish Maw CNY Poon Choi.

Featuring 15 classical ingredients, from fragrant abalone and fish maw to perfectly tender pork belly and roast duck, this Poon Choi is served in a savoury and gravy-like traditional red bean curd sauce that will fill your house with a heart-warming aroma.

Each ingredient symbolises good luck, meant to bring about a prosperous and virtuous year for you and your family.

This CNY Poon Choi is available in 4 to 6 Persons or 8 to 10 Person sizes.

2. M9 Wagyu Beef Poon Choi

2022 is the year of the tiger, which means all of us meat-lovers and carnivores are licensed to turn our CNY Poon Choi into an all-out beef buffet.

Headlined by our delicious Australian Stone Axe M9 Full-Blood Wagyu beef shank amongst other US SRF Black Label and Australian Wagyu cuts from cheek to tail, this Poon Choi is a 17 ingredients beef-fest bathed in mouth-watering Sukiyaki sauce.

While other traditional ingredients like radish and carrot serve as a canvas for the rich flavours of beef, our inspired dressing choice of Yuzu crab vinegar will paint layers of aroma and zesty-ness on the buttery mouthfeel of quality Wagyu.

This CNY Poon Choi is available in 4 to 6 Persons or 8 to 10 Person sizes.

CNY 2022 Poon Choi Takeaway – Special Offer

Order your CNY Poon Choi takeaway before January 30th, 2022 and enjoy a host of special offers!

  • Enjoy a 12% discount on all Poon Choi orders.
  • Get $500 worth of dining coupons (Limited quantity available, while stocks last.)
  • Add a 1~1.2 kg king crab to your Poon Choi for $430 (regular price: $488/piece)
  • Free delivery (Terms and conditions apply.)

All CNY Poon Choi sets can be redeemed until February 28th, 2022.

Discounted items and gift coupons do go out quickly, so make sure to order early for your CNY celebration! Learn more about our Poon Choi sets on our website or get in touch with us here.