3 Things To Eat When You Work From Home

FEAST Catering

Busy working remotely from home under the pandemic? Nothing fuels your day more than a delicious food delivery to your doorstep! Treat yourself and your family with FEAST’s authentic selection of Chinese Catering Sets - curated with the freshest ingredients in town. You could even customise the menu with personal favourites in our A La Carte Menu!

FEAST’s Handpicked Chinese Catering Sets

1.    Fresh Abalone & Poached Chicken Chinese Catering Set (For 2-4 Persons)
Delight in premium and hearty flavours to boost your energy to work remotely for the day! This food delivery set includes Chinese classic crowd-pleasers Fresh Abalone, Five Spice Beef Shin & Jelly Fish Salad Platter and Poached Chicken. Share traditional Chinese restaurant-quality food with your family members!

2.    Fresh Abalone & Wagyu Beef Chinese Catering Set (For 4-6 Persons)
Calling all meat-lovers - this is the ultimate working from home food delivery set for you! Indulge in land and sea treasures including Wagyu, Fresh Abalone, Baby Back Ribs, Chicken and so much more. Skip the meal prep process with this no-fuss dinner delivery menu to feed your entire family - even when you are working from home.

3.    Roast Suckling Pig Chinese Catering Set (For 8-10 Persons)

Spoil your senses with fine Cantonese cuisine in the comfort of your own home. Crispy yet tender, tangy yet fragrant - FEAST’s Signature Roasting Pig is the highlight for a work from home food delivery menu. Enjoy it along with premium Wagyu Beef and juicy Poached Chicken, an optimum dinner delivery option and feast to your taste buds.

March’s Limited Offer for Chinese Catering Sets

From now until March 31st, 2022, enjoy 10% off when you pre-order FEAST Catering’s Hotpots & Catering Sets online. Free food delivery available for orders over HKD$800. Contact us for more information.