Brand New Southeast Asian Catering Menu for Mother’s Day!

FEAST Catering

It’s that time of the year again! We got some good news for those of you planning to celebrate Mother’s Day 2022 at home. FEAST is launching a brand new Southeast Asian catering menu with amazing dishes from Thai, Malaysian, and Singaporean cuisine. If you want to try something different for Mother’s Day this year, FEAST’s Southeast Asian catering is the way to go. Celebrate with your family at home with an absolute FEAST!


FEAST’s Authentic Thai, Malaysian, and Singaporean Catering Sets

Summer is coming to Hong Kong! Time changes up the dinner menu and reinvigorate your appetite! To help you stay fresh in Hong Kong’s hot and humid climate, the chefs at FEAST are once again bringing out the hot, spicy, and sour flavours of Southeast Asian cuisine.


For this year’s Mother’s Day, FEAST is releasing a brand new Southeast Asian catering set with some of your favourite Thai, Malaysian, and Singaporean dishes. Enjoy a diverse selection of national dishes like Thai Style Hot and Sour Chicken Feet (Boneless), Satay Skewers, Hainan Chicken, and Pandan Cake all in one meal! Our Southeast Asian catering is available in 4 to 6 persons, 8 to 10 persons, 15 to 20 persons, and 25 to 30 person sets. Choose the perfect portion size for your celebration and eat away!



Mother’s Day Limited Offers


To help you celebrate Mother’s Day, from now until May 6th, you can order FEAST’s Southeast Asian Catering Sets from our website and enjoy a 10% discount. Enjoy free delivery to your doorstep for any orders above $800.


Feeling hungry? Want a bigger FEAST than what our Southeast Asian Catering Sets will already give you? Don't worry, because we also offer a wide range of other delicious a-la-carte items that can elevate your family dinner even further. Add any of FEAST's famous dishes from the menu to create your dream meal. Place your order online at least two days in advance, and we will deliver everything to your doorstep. Enjoy a FEAST without leaving your house for this year’s Mother’s Day!


What are you waiting for? Order your Mother’s Day catering while our offer lasts! Visit FEAST’s website for more info on our Southeast Asian Catering, or contact us for any enquiries.